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A Word From Dionne

I started Sister2Sister because I’m passionate about empowering young BAME females to reach their full potential. Self-development has been instrumental for all the Directors; we have supported each other’s personal growth, and this has inspired the foundation of Sister2Sister.

I grew up on a council estate, in a single parent household and attended the local state funded school, therefore I understand the young females’ journey. I want to help them embrace their background and appreciate their self-worth so they can be role models, making valuable contributions to the diverse society we live in.

l have been qualified as a solicitor for 11 years. I was fortunate to know what I wanted to achieve and persevered despite the challenges. I recognise that not all females from BAME backgrounds can keep pushing through when the odds are against them. I have experience of mentoring and coaching BAME staff within the Civil Service and I partake in programmes aimed at supporting students.

My purpose is to be the best version of myself and to share that wisdom amongst young women from disadvantaged backgrounds who may lack the skills to honestly believe in themselves. I will share my experiences to instil them with the confidence to dream big, aim high and shape their future for a better tomorrow.

A Word From Chantel

I started Sister2Sister because I knew I wanted to live a life with purpose and to leave a legacy that was reflective of my values, purpose, and commitment to supporting others.

Whilst I was very academic at school, I lacked the confidence and self-worth to make wise decisions and to have better aspirations for myself from a young age, however I used the experience to push forward with a successful teaching career and to develop myself further. Throughout my career I have taught hundreds of young people, who just like me had the academic qualities but lacked clarity on their purpose, vision, and goals.

I have become relentless in personal development and have seen first-hand the benefits of accountability and mentorship on my own personal growth. I now want to share that with others so that they too can reap the rewards. Having worked in education for the last ten years and taught amongst some of the most diverse cohorts, I am an advocate for accredited qualifications but also for the non-academic skills and qualities that are also needed. Vision, purpose, and goals are just as necessary, if not more so in today’s ever changing society.

A Word From Kanika

I started this social enterprise because it aligns with my passion for supporting young females to actualise their potential and live the life that they envisage for themselves.

Upon leaving school, I considered myself to be a ‘free-spirit’. This led to a decade of twist and turns from completing a degree in law, working in the financial sector, travelling the world as an air-stewardess, to eventually settling as a financial underwriter for a high street bank. Until pursuing a career as a Psychologist, I felt unfulfilled and was sure that I had not reached my full potential. I encountered many career advisors who warned against my career choice due to its competitive nature, and the realisation that BAME individuals were less likely to meet the selection criteria for doctoral programmes.

Fast forward a few years, and I eventually secured a position as a trainee- Psychologist. I am currently completing a doctorate in Counselling Psychology and have worked in the NHS, private practice and the University delivering therapeutic interventions to diverse communities.