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Volunteering as a mentor – what’s involved?

If you’ve ever thought about helping people and wondered “what can one person do?” – here’s an answer. Just by giving time and space to talk to a young person, you can make an enormous impact on them, their family, school, and community.

Our volunteer mentors are at the core of what we do. We spend most of our time, and resources in helping our mentors do what they do, and we truly value them.

Volunteers receive full training before they begin as a mentor, and continued support throughout the mentoring year.

Once you have passed the selection process, and completed training you are matched with a young person for a year-long relationship.

We believe that every young person needs a mentor, and therefore we can never have enough Mentors in our team. We are always looking to meet and train more Mentors. We are looking for special people who have a passion for the development of young BAME females.

If you have a passion for young people, only have positive intentions towards their well-being, development and progress and believe you would make a positive difference to their lives, please contact us to see if you can become a part of our team.

What you can expect when working with us at Sister2Sister

  • A Mentoring experience for both you and the children you Mentor which is second to none
  • You will learn our Mentoring systems, processes, and frameworks for delivery
  • We offer full support so you can give 100% to the young people you mentor

If you want to make a difference to BAME females, are passionate about delivering Mentoring services and want to join our experienced team then please get in touch on enquiry@sister2sister.org.uk or call 0333 772 9234