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Director & Co-Founder

Hi, I’m Chantel. I’m a lover of all things English Language & Literature. I'm the Author of a women’s fiction novel. The novel explores the experiences of young teens growing up in the 90’s and details some of the shenanigans that are typical of teenagers. When I’m not writing, I love travelling. To date, Bali has got to be my favourite destination; the mix of tradition, food and culture were right up my street. I can’t wait to go back. By nature, I like to give to others, whether that’s my time or my experience, I just like to see others win. I also love giving gifts to others, I’m known for my thoughtful gift ideas that really resonate with the receiver. I’m a bit of a prankster and enjoy pranking friends and family, especially my daughter. I've built a routine of gratitude into my life to acknowledge others and I find this rewarding.


Director & Co-Founder

There are two sides to me which adds to my uniqueness and ability to adapt to any situation. There is the focused no nonsense side, and then there is the hostess with the mostest, life and soul of the party side. I enjoy being around friends and family and hosting BBQs, dinner parties, afternoon teas and weekends away with friends. To celebrate my mom's 60th, I organised a surprise dinner and dance with 150 family and friends with Judi Love as a special guest. The shock on my mom's face was priceless.
I love family holidays with my two girls, but I wouldn’t say no to a shopping trip in Dubai or New York. Let's flip the script... I am what you would call a book worm and from an early age I've been known to have my head in a book. I have a strong work ethic which I get from my Mom. I am recognised for my focus, determination, and drive, this is what has enabled me to achieve a career in law. At the end of a long day, you'll catch me reading a book, cuddling with my kids whilst half listening to the 'tea' on Real Housewives of Atlanta.


Director & Co-Founder

I'm passionate about all things mental health-related and have developed a particular interest in developmental psychology, as its always interesting to understand how and why people change over the course of their life-span.

I’m currently providing therapeutic interventions to the homeless so that they can be re-engaged into their communities. I believe that being able to relate with the humanity of a person, regardless of how intolerable their circumstance may feel to them is the most unique and rewarding aspect of being a therapist.

Helping others think outside the box is something I’m renowned for, so I'm often called upon by friends and family to offer an alternative point of view, which can often be a learning experience for me too!

I’m a film and movie devotee, although lately, I prefer to watch a good anthology series, a good box set or listen to a podcast. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family when I have downtime, and the occasional spa break is always great. Like many, as the mother of two children, finding the time to do absolutely nothing can be a rarity!