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Sister2Sister is a social enterprise that seeks to empower young BAME females aged 13-21, equipping them with the skills to step into a life of vision and purpose. We believe that where you go depends on who you choose to be from this moment on.

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My name is Themis and I went to St Thomas More in Wolverhampton. I was really struggling at school, with my English core subject and just in general. Chantel really helped me by encouraging and motivating me. We worked on a timetable together and this helped me to get organised. She helped me to understand what I want out of life and how my GCSE can help with my goals. She also helped me a lot with my GCSEs, I was down to get a grade 3, but with Chantel’s support I ended up with a grade 6. She listened to what was bothering me, and she was caring and understanding. She helped me with lots of things and was always on the end of the phone if I needed her.

- Themis (age 16)

Throughout my years in education I have been able to benefit from the guidance and advice that Dionne has given me in areas such as work experience and my choices regarding university. Mentorship is something that you don't realise you need until its offered to you as it's so helpful having someone who can help you make an informed decision, and show you that you can achieve anything you want as long as you work hard for it. Typically, mentorship is an experience that not many get to have due to financial factors being a hinderance, however for me Dionne was always a phone call away and easily accessible whenever I needed her. I feel that all young girls should be able to benefit from a mentor like Dionne because she's really helped me gain more clarity on what direction I want to go in the future.

- Tianna, (age 19)

Before I met Chantel I was struggling with my confidence at school, my attendance was low and my family were concerned I wasn't making progress, especially in English. Chantel was really easy to get along with and definitely cared about my education (which reassured me a lot), she would consistently help me gain perspective on life goals as well as subjects that I struggled with. My time spent with her was great and I would definitely recommend her ! She was helpful, supportive and passionate about helping me to be the best. She helped me focus on my dreams of becoming a make up artist and even helped me apply for work experience at Selfridges in Birmingham.

- Makeida (aged 16)

From the first time we met, I felt as if I could open up to Chantel with everything and she's very supportive. If I didn't understand something, she would keep finding other ways to explain it so I understood. I 100% feel as though she cared about my education and well being through the whole time because she would always ask questions about my day' week. One of the first sessions we had was about careers/jobs and further education, I felt supported as she would always ask me what I want to do and give me loads of advice. I really think Chantel has helped me loads in the time I had her and want to keep on having her, she has pushed me so hard in the time and I have moved up 3 grades, Chantel has really changed me and my mindset. I also now love English and yeah she's helped me loads.I can't thank you enough xx 

- Leah Ahmed (age 15)